EN47 Spring Steel


6150 / G61500En47 / 51CrV451CrV4 / 1.815955CrVASUP1055CrV4765A5051CrV4223050HGF

Ventura Alloy and Steels Supplies and Stocks EN47 spring steel which is a Chromium Vanadium type spring steel supplied in as rolled as well as spheroidize annealed condition. This is appropriate for oil hardening and tempering. When used in the oil hardened and tempered condition EN47 spring steel combines spring characteristics with good wear and abrasion resistance. When hardened this grade of spring steel offers excellent durability and shock resistance which make it a proper alloy spring steel for parts exposed to stress, shock and vibration. EN47 spring steel is also known in various standards as 50CrV4 or 51CrV4 or AISI 6150 or DIN 1.8159 spring steel in other countries.


EN47 spring steel, highlight the advantage is great hardenability, another hot working performance, comprehensive mechanical properties, decarburization resistance is additionally great big cross section of various important spring. For example, automobile, locomotive, large plate spring, spring etc. SUP10 spring steel is mainly used for heavy vehicles, tractors, industrial production load, stress and the diameter of the larger plate spring and helical spring. It is also used widely in the motor vehicle industry and many general engineering applications. It is also suitable for applications that require high tensile strength and toughness. Typical applications include crankshafts, steering knuckles, gears, spindles and pumps.


Forge at 1050°C. Do not work this steel when it has fallen below 840°C.


Heat slowly to 820-840°C, soak well. Cool slowly in the furnace.

( Our annealing is done in electric furnace to avoid decarburization. )


Pre heat gradually to 650-700°C and completely soak. Continue heating to the final hardening temperature of 830-860°C and enable the component to be heated through. Quench in oil.


Temper the EN47 component immediately after quenching whilst tools are still hand warm. Re-heat to the tempering temperature then soak for one hour for every 25 millimeter of aggregate thickness (2 hours minimum) cool in air. For most applications tempering of this grade will be between 400-600°C.

Tempering°C after quenching100200300400500600700


Heat treatment temperatures, including rate of heating, cooling and soaking times etc. will vary due to factors such as the shape and size of each component. Other considerations during the heat treatment process include the type of furnace, quenching medium and workpiece transfer facilities. Please consult your heat treatment provider for full guidance on heat treatment of EN47 spring steel.


WIRE ROD – ROUND – AS ROLLED – 8 MM to 32 MM DIA(If required we can also supply in spheroidize annealed condition.)

FLAT BARS – As Rolled and Spheroidize Annealed

18 MM Dia4100 / 4250 mm
20 MM Dia6450 mm
20 MM Dia3950 mm
21 MM Dia6300 / 6450 mm
22 MM Dia5850 mm
22 MM Dia4100 / 4250 mm
6100 / 6200 mm
23 MM Dia6300 / 6450 mm
23 MM Dia4700 mm
24 MM Dia6100 / 6250 mm
25 MM Dia6700 / 6850 mm
28 MM Dia6000 mm
32 MM Dia6100 / 6250 mm
32 MM Dia5200 / 5250 mm
34 MM Dia4100 / 4250 mm
36 MM Dia5600 / 5700 mm
38 MM Dia7000 / 7100 mm
40 MM Dia6000 / 6100 mm
42 MM Dia6000 mm
45 MM Dia6000 mm
45 MM Dia6000 mm
47 MM Dia6000 mm
50 MM Dia6000 mm
53 MM Dia6000 mm
56 MM Dia6000 mm
60 MM Dia6000 mm
60 MM Dia6000 mm
63 MM Dia6000 mm
65 MM Dia6000 mm
65 MM Dia6000 mm
70 MM Dia6000 mm
70 MM Dia6000 mm
75 MM Dia6000 mm
80 MM Dia6000 mm
90 MM Dia6000 mm
100 MM Dia6000 mm
120 MM Dia6000 mm
125 MM Dia6000 mm

Sizes available:

  • 20 x 20 mm
  • 22 x 22 mm
  • 25 x 25 mm
  • 25 x 60 mm
  • 28 x 28 mm
  • 28 x 36 mm
  • 32 x 32 mm
  • 36 x 36 mm
  • 36 x 45 mm
  • 55 x 55 mm
  • 40 x 40 mm
  • 45 x 45 mm
  • 45 x 55 mm
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